Pool: 84.89 PH/s | Pool Last Block: 3h 52m (478546) | Workers: 11037 | Network Last Block: 1m 42s (478568) | Shares: 523,817,112,051 (60.89%)

Fastest Growing Bitcoin Mining Pool

0 PH/s

We have built the most efficient mining pool to give you best returns on your mining power.

Together, we can do more

We are growing day by day. Join the fastest growing mining pool of the world.

Low Fees @0.9%

We charge only a small pool fees of 0.9%

PPLNS Payout

GBMiners uses PPLNS payout method that ensures maximum revenue for you

Daily Payouts

We do daily payouts so none of your money gets blocked. Minimum Amount is 0.01 BTC

In The Media


Amit Bhardwaj

Managing Director and CEO

He is one of the early believers of Bitcoin in India and has also invested many first generation entrepreneurs here. Finance is in his DNA and his fascination with Blockchain as a concept is what keeps him up at night. He is building an ecosystem of products on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. He has built an online retail marketplace called HighKart.com in 2013, India's first e-commerce website to accept 'Bitcoin payment' for products.

Matt Ciullo

President and CSO

As one of the top performers at the Sobey School of Business(Canada) in the Masters of Applied Economics, Matt has held multiple leadership positions in manyproduct based companies before joining the Amaze Mining Team as Chief Strategy Officer. Matt's team at Amaze Mining was responsible for finding strategic locations for the bitcoin mining farms.When Matt is not working he is busy playing basketball with histwo kids.

Zhang Ta


Zhang is a brilliant programmer and a firm believer that any human problem can be solved through programming. He holds an Engineering Degree in Comp Science from Zhejiang University and has many patent pending algorithms in the pipeline. When he is not busy coding he is either solving puzzles or playing games on his playstation.

Mohan Agarwal


Mohan Agarwal's specialty is numbers and he likes to solve real life problems using first principles of mathematics. He has earlier worked with many top investment banks and led many complex M&A's and IPOs. He loves to play table tennis and fits one hour of Table Tennis in his daily routine.

Felix Joy

Director, Business Development

Felix holds an MBA from HULT International Business School, Dubai . As one of the earliestmembers of our team, Felix takes key decisions for our global market outreach and all our Sales & Marketing teams around the globe report directly to him.Beyond his regular working hours Felix is a big fan of Bollywood movies and often takes out time to watch some of the latest flicks.

Kleber Pinto

Director, Operations

He has previously served in the senior management positions at one of the world's larget consumer electronics manufacturer where he helped improve operational efficiency and produced one of the most profitable quaters.Kleber loves to play lawn tennis and evenencourages the children in his hometown to pursue one sport along with their academics.

Kent Ho

VP, Operations Head

Kent has more than 20 years of experience in leading teams. In his last position he was theoperations head for a fortune 500 company for its Chinese Market. Being one of the hardestworking people at Amaze Mining, Kent thrives for perfection and anything less that that isunacceptable. In his spare time he loves to read sci-fi fiction novels.

Amanda James

VP, Human Resources

Amanda holds an MBA - Human Resources Management from EAE Business School. She has a plethora of experience ranging from recruitment to compensation analysis and is always on the lookout for new talent to join our hardworking team. Amanda loves to travel and every year visits a country that she has never been to before.


We are the first Bitcoin Mining Pool from India and Biggest from outside China. GBMiners is a product of Amaze Mining & Blockchain Research Ltd.


Feel free to get in touch with us for any queries regarding the pool

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