Pool: 152.36 PH/s | Pool Last Block: 16h 40m (454133) | Workers: 9518 | Network Last Block: 32s (454233) | Shares: 1,881,318,155,029 (426.82%)

Fastest Growing Bitcoin Mining Pool

0 PH/s

We have built the most efficient mining pool to give you best returns on your mining power.

Together, we can do more

We are growing day by day. Join the fastest growing mining pool of the world.

Low Fees @0.9%

We charge only a small pool fees of 0.9%

PPLNS Payout

GBMiners uses PPLNS payout method that ensures maximum revenue for you

Daily Payouts

We do daily payouts so none of your money gets blocked. Minimum Amount is 0.01 BTC

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